Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1st Semester Reflection

The first semester is over, which means that students get to go on vacation, but it also means that we get our overall grades of the first semester. So when students get their report card, they are usually surprised about their grades, which can be good or bad, and then while we are staring at the numbers that are defining our evaluation for the semester, we start to think and self-reflect on how well and how bad we did.

Now, when I went into my dads email account to figure out if I was going to get the speech about doing better at school, I was pretty proud of myself. So while I went through my grades and read the lovely comments from my teachers, not only did I achieve my goal to keep everything above a C, but I started to self-reflect about the things that made me do good. What I came up with is:

  1. I started to pay more attention in class
  2. Did my homework with more focus
  3. Started to understand the content giving in class
  4. I procrastinate less
  5. Prepared better for test and quizzes

Now, of course since it is a new year and new semester, people expect us to get new ways to do better in school. But when I think about it, sure I have potential to do better, but this is our last year before we get killed by IB and SAT. And sure, you still might want to give it your very best, but why stress already now, and not wait until we are really stressed out next year. What I am trying to say is that, why stress about little things when the big bomb isn’t even here yet. Being a Sophomore is the best time to be in high school. First you do not have to worry about anything that you had to worry when you were a Freshman. You already know how things work. It is like a little “break” that we get before things get real, and I am enjoying this “break”.

But what I am doing to prepare for next years hustle, is time management. Because if we are being totally honest, I am one of the best procrastinator. Now, sure it is bad to be one, but right now, I really do not have a problem with it. But what I want to try out this semester is to procrastinate as little as I can. Because, yes I do realize that if I procrastinate IB and studying for the SAT, well then I am fried. But an old habits take time to kill, but I am strongly working on it, and if I do not fix it for Junior year, well my guess is that I am going to suffer, but survive, roughly.

My last words of wisdom for who is reading this, is basically, that if you are in a difficult place with procrastination or you are way too stressed about school, look at this site, and take a breather. Sure your grades might be one of the major aspects to get into college, but just relax, do not stress, because in the end every little thing is going to be alright.

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