Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seattle Boycott

A boycott has spread through out Seattle, making the Garfield High School teachers protest against standardized test. The school and teachers do not think that students can’t pass the test, but the standardized test does not contain the information that was studied in class. Teachers also think that MAP testing has nothing that engages the student because it wont count as a grade, making the test as a racing competition with friends or just clicking random buttons. Now, as a student that does take the MAP testing, I can relate to what the teachers say in Garfield High School, and I would stand by them if colleges around the globe would do standardized that is related to our curriculum. When the time comes to do the MAP testing, personally, I don’t take it so serious, I might begin strong, but then after a while, the questions aren't even related to what we ever studied, making the test for me, not important any more. If standardized test would be removed from our school I would be agreeing but as well disagreeing, since the SAT and IB test are important for colleges. In the other hand, not having all the stress that the SAT's or IB test bring to students, would be pretty relaxing. The effect of these kind of stress can freak students our making them be so nervous to take the test, making them fail the test since all the content studied in school wont even be on the test. So, yes, I agree with the Garfield High School. 

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