Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time Management

A few weeks back, we were told to make some time management goals:
- Have enough time to study and have free time at the same day
- Make sure I turn everything in at due date
- Organize my time properly  
Now, maybe some people think that making your schedule and keeping your time management, might be a waste of time. But when our teacher came into the class and talked about her experience about managing her time, I was just thinking that her problems of keep things organized was also one of my problems. In that same day we also did a time management survey, in which we wrote the amount of time we take in doing things. I can't remember the exact number that i had left to do my free time, but what I do remember is that it was low. Because of my goals, I have managed keeping enough time for my homework, turning in things at time and also having enough free time. My first goal was pretty hard to keep up with, because as I had my assignments I didn't put them into my calendar(in which I kept the time and when to do it) as the result of the calendar to fade away. Now, I plan to change that because instead of doing my own, I'm just going to use the given calendar at Edmodo. My second goal was pretty easy to maintain. At the end of the quarter I have turned every assignment at time. Pretty proud of me (: My last goal was pretty tricky, because as every human being, I like to procrastinate my homework or study, instead I go to Facebook or watch series online. But after all I was pretty happy with my results. I have made new goals and some the same:
- Have enough time to study and have free time at the same day
-Make sure that with the time that I have for my homework that I do the best that I can
-Make sure that I do my homework as well as study(enough time)

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