Sunday, August 19, 2012

Academic Leadership?

As the two first week pass, we have read two articles that relate to the concept of academic leadership. For me, academic leadership is being individual and think about your future. In academic leadership I would personally think what I want to do in my future, sincerely I want to travel the world once im done with high school. But if I needed to chose a career right now, i wouldn't because I dont know what I want to do with my life. As I'm in the classes of academic leadership I would turn a major project into discovering what places I want to see and travel. If I look up interesting places of the world  and write details on each country and somebody was going to manipulate others with my work, I would personally be wondering why somebody would do that but I wouldn't make such big deal of it, I would just wait until it passes. But in the other hand, preventing such thing happening, I guess you could make a fair deal with the with the academically leaders. It might created a stronger democratic society because of the fair deal, you need to play by the rulers. So no cheating and getting others people articles. It might become a stronger since you need to have your own facts and not getting it from the other leader. And this is what I think about academic leadership. 

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  1. I like your idea involving travel--it is one of my passions as well. And your blog looks great!